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1:160 Kits

Our range of prototypical Rhätische Bahn vehicle kits for Nm-tracks, are manufactured in small batches from nickel silver - brass and castings. Exact scale 1:160.

All Nm gauge vehicles are supplied with:

  • Building instructions
  • 6.5 millimetre wheels
  • Micro-Trains couplings

Narrow gauge kits:

The new Bernina Express panorama car kit consists of a fully üreworked nickel silver kit and comes with modern lettering and six different car numbers, Api 1301 to 1303 And Bp 2502 to 2507.

The panorama cars were delivered in 2000 and completely refurbished and equipped with a new design between 2006/2007. N-Track Modellbau has taken care of the rebuilding and now offers more refinement and on the model.

For the last time we offer the panorama car kits at a sharp price. These kits from 2007 are limited, and will no longer be produced!

The legendary panorama car is now available at a sharp price.

The legendary Bernina Express runs from Chur to Tirano on RhB lines. From 1998 onwards, new 1st class panorama coaches will be used on this route.

Together with the 2nd class panorama coach (B2500-001) you can get the most modern coach set of the Bernina Express on your Nm layout.

The carriage has an interior and metal wheels.


The universal locomotive of the Rhätische Bahn: Ge 4/4 II.

The new kit is made of nickel silver/brass, with white metal casting and 3D printed parts. A minimum radius of 195 mm is mandatory.

The equipment:

The new kit is made of nickel silver/brass.

The equipment:

  • Couplings from Micro-Trains-Line for N-narrow gauge
  • .
  • Brass chassis Faulhaber motor with flywheel mass drive on all axles
  • .
  • Preliminary top speed
  • Extremely fine, functionless model pantographs
  • Für 12 volt direct current.

Webshop - narrow gauge kits:

The Uah-/Za-8131 series.

The model kits are based on the tank wagons for mineral oil transport, built in 1973 by the company JMR. Until 1997, these wagons bore the old Uah number. In the years 1996 to 1997, the vehicles received new boilers.

The model is available with the vehicle numbers No. Uah 8131 to 8140 or Za 8131 to 8140, without 8135 and 8138.

The new kit consists of:

  • New silver running gear
  • .
  • Resin boiler castings
  • .
  • White metal small parts
  • Micro-trains couplings
  • double-insulated metal wheels

Rollmaterial Produkte

Produkt Informationen

Unser Sortiment vorbildgetreue Fahrzeug Bausätze der Rhätischen Bahn fur Nm-bahnen, werden aus geätzten Neusilber, Messing und gussteilen in Kleinserie hergestellt. Exakt im Maßstab 1:160. Alle Nm Spur Fahrzeuge werden geliefert mit Bau Anleitung, 6,5 Millimeter Radsätze, Micro-Trains Kupplungen.

Product information

Our detailed collection Raetian railways model kits in scale Nm, are made from etched new-silver, brass and casted brass parts, made in small series. Exact in scale 1:160. Al Nm scale rolling stock items are delivered with instruction manual (at the moment only in German language), Wheel sets, etc….

*Note that some parts on this page, like product names are shown in the German language. This is because the product site doesn’t support multi language on all parts of the product page, except the product description.

N-Track Sommerfeldt kompatibel Oberleitung

Oberleitung Bausatz Programm für N und Nm Bahnen.

Die N-Track Swiss Oberleitungsteile im Maßstab 1:160, sind perfekt mit den Sommerfeldt Oberleitungsanlagen kompatibel. Alle Teile passen perfekt zu den Sommerfeldt 2x2mm H-Profilstangen (Art.Nr. 390 und 397) für Ihre Schweizer Anlage.

Die heutige Fahrleitung finden Sie bei der SBB oder auf der Albula-, Bernina- oder Engadinlinie der Rhätischen Bahn. Die Fahrleitungsbausätze sind aus geätztem Neusilber gefertigt. Und sind kompatibel mit der Sommerfeldt-Oberleitung.

Catenary systems for N and Nm gauge model layouts.

The N-Track Swiss overhead line parts in the scale 1:160, are perfectly compatible with the Sommerfeldt overhead line systems. All parts fit perfectly to the Sommerfeldt 2x2mm H-profile pylons (Art.Nr. 390 und 397) for your Swiss layout.

Today’s catenary can be found at the SBB or on the Albula, Bernina or Engadin line of the Rhaetian Railway. The catenary kits are made of etched nickel silver. And are compatible with Sommerfeldt catenary. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

*Note that some parts, like product names are shown in the German language. We will updatethis in the future.