RhB tank wagon for mineral oil transports

The Uah-/Za-8131 series. The model kits are based on the tank cars for mineral oil transport, built in 1973 by the company JMR. Until 1997 these cars carried the old Uah number. In the years 1996 to 1997 the vehicles received new boilers.

The model is available with the vehicle numbers Uah 8131 to 8140 or Za 8131 to 8140, without 8135 and 8138.

The new kit consists of a nickel silver running gear, resin boiler castings, white metal small parts and has micro-trains couplings and double insulated metal wheel sets.

Rhätische Bahn Kesselwagen Uah / Za 8131 bis Za 8140 Bausatz.
N-Track Modellbau Rund um die Bahn: RhB Nm Spur 1:160

Everything you can find around and on the railway tracks

These products under the names “N-Track Around the Track” and “N-Track Finescale Catenary”.

The products in the category “Around the Railway” include everything you can find around and on the track, from buffer stops to benches on the platform. Let your passengers wait for the train on our modern benches and give them the opportunity to leave the platform clean with our rubbish bins.

All products are manufactured in 1:160 scale. Available as a kit or ready to use. In addition, some products are also offered in other dimensions and sometimes in other scales.

N-Track Modellbau Rund um die Bahn: Nm-Y00333.0 - RhB Nm Spur 1:160

Die Produkte in der Kategorie “Rund um die Bahn” werden mit Resin-3D-Drucken und sehr feinen Neusilber-Ätzungen hergestellt. Im Laufe der Zeit werden diese Produkte zu einer kompletten Kollektion auf unserer Website ausgebaut.

N-Track Modellbau Finescale Oberleitung - RhB Nm Spur 1:160

Our catenary products

With “N-track FineScale catenary” we bring even more sophistication and attention to detail to your Swiss catenary system for your layout.

The new catenary sets are specially designed for our new H-profile masts with a diameter of 1.5×1.5mm. These new masts are made of brass H-profile and are equipped with a realistic concrete base with M2 thread.

Our new cross braces have also been redesigned and will not look out of place on your layout. This kit consists of 3 separate parts that fit exactly into each other. Due to this construction, the structure runs all around and gives your model railway a realistic look.

N-Track Modellbau Finescale Oberleitung: Quertragwerke, 4-spurig (N-Track Finescale), 157 mm lang, 1 Stück, Bausatz - RhB Nm Spur 1:160

For historical model layouts and dioramas we now also supply matching overhead line with corresponding old insulators. With one kit (Nm-Y00235) you have several possibilities to build a 2-, 3- or 4-track gauge. You can combine this overhead line with Finescale H profile poles as well as with old lattice poles to get a detailed and realistic overhead line.

All “N-track fineScale catenary systems” come with the corresponding 3D-printed brown or green glass insulators and clear building instructions.

However, the added sophistication in the detail ensures that this catenary is not suitable for driving!

N-Track Modellbau Finescale Oberleitung: Masttransformator (N-Track Finescale), 1 Stück, Bausatz including suitable 3D isolators - RhB Nm Spur 1:160

Also new in our programme are the lighting sets for overhead lines in modern and old design. The lighting sets have mounting material to attach the lighting to a mast or to the overhead line. The sets are supplied with LEDs with associated resistors and are suitable for 12 – 14 volts direct current.


The Rhaetian Railway observation carriages


The open observation car of the Rhaetian Railway. The model of this kit was constructed according to today’s prototype, which was completely rebuilt in 1990: from the 4000 series of D2 baggage cars. Later, among other things, bellows were added for safety reasons.

The kit is available with four different car numbers (B²2096 / B²2097 / B²2099 / B²2102).

This kit is made of 0.2 mm nickel silver and has small parts, micro-trains couplings and double insulated metal wheelsets.

The RhB Fd ballast wagons

Rhätische Bahn Schotterwagen - Nm-G01003 - Fd 8657/Xc 9417 bis Fd 8665/Xc 9425 Bausatz. N-Track Modellbau - RhB Nm Spur 1:160

The RhB Fd/Xc ballast cars were a familiar sight on the tracks of the Rhaetian Railway for many years. We are pleased to present the model as a kit in Nm scale (1:160).

The model is available with ten different car numbers (Fd 8656/Xc 9416 to Fd 8665/Xc 9425).

This kit is made of 0.2 mm nickel silver and has small parts, micro-trains couplings and double insulated metal wheelsets.